IMAT: Inter-Mountain Alexander Training

I am excited to let you know that Bill Conable and I have opened a training program for Alexander Technique Teachers. Our approach is firmly based in traditional Alexander teaching procedures, body-mapping, improvisational teaching, group teaching, and the evolving application of principles of energy work to practicing and teaching Alexander's discoveries. Using a competency based teaching model, students can work with each of us weekly depending on your location, and monthly as we come together as a group to discuss new developments and develop teaching skills. Our students will decide, in consultation with us, when they feel they are ready to pursue certification through Alexander Technique International. Inter-Mountain Alexander Training (IMAT) is based in Spokane, WA. For more information, please visit:

How to study with me...

I maintain a very active schedule of traveling and teaching all over the US. Throughout my travels, I am available for private lessons in person or through online conferencing.

Current travel plans:

  • May 2019: Seattle, WA

  • June, DeLand, FL @ Stetson University Annual Summer Clarinet Camp

  • June 22 - July 17: Greensboro, NC @ Eastern Music Festival

  • July 18 - July 21: Alexander Technique Workshop, Spokane, WA

  • July 24 - 28: ClarinetFest 2019

  • July 31 - August 20: Seattle, WA.

Throughout the academic year I am based in Moscow, ID at the University of Idaho.

Please visit: if you are interested in Alexander Technique Teacher Training.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical way to relieve stress and pain, develop awareness, and discover new choices in your movement and in your responses to life.  It was developed by F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) who suffered from vocal trouble as a result of his own misuse. He articulated that our coordination is governed by the relationship between the head and the spine. He observed: 

  • “In all movement, the head leads and the body follows.”

  • “You translate everything, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, into muscular tension.”

Alexander’s discoveries revealed that many of our physical problems are a direct result of the unconscious choices that we make in reaction to the stimuli we are bombarded with on a continuous basis. These unconscious choices build habits, which interfere with our primary coordination.  In order to change our habits, we must change our thinking.

The Alexander Technique is a scientifically proven and neurologically based method for changing your habits.  When you change your habits, you change the way you think – and the way you move. In doing so one can: 

  • Improve learning, creativity and performance

  • Improve balance, flexibility and coordination

  • Prevent and alleviate pain and injury

  • Manage performance anxiety

“No problem can ever be solved by the same consciousness that created it.”
- Albert Einstein